EscaZyme Biochemicals began in 2013 to commercialize technology based on research out of the University of Nevada, Reno. The technology uses naturally occurring processes to produce high-value chemicals used in a variety of industries.

Forest Treatments
Bark Beetles continue to cause significant damage to forests world-wide. According to a 2011 US Forest Service Report over 41 million acres of Western US forests have been damaged by bark beetles. Although efforts to control beetles have been employed, most treatments are reserved for high-value areas, leaving much of the forest susceptible to attack.
Until now, limited cost-effective solutions have been available to control specific species of bark beetles. EscaZyme Biochemicals can produce pure ipsdienol products for bark beetle traps and baits for use in forest applications.

Other Applications
The nature of the chemicals that EscaZyme Biochemicals produces allows for use in multiple manufacturing settings where highly pure foundational chemicals are needed. Contact us today for more information on our chemicals.